Boris Goldmund's

The Monthly Salon

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Since 1991 I have produced and funded the production of The Monthly Salon as my personal act of philanthropy.   The creation of a global arts community feels like the "right" next chapter in my life's work. It is my intention to offer free forums for presentation of art across all media paired with a community potluck in cities around the world. Presently there are Monthly Salons in Berlin and San Francisco, with a launch date of April, 2019  for a Monthly Salon  in Bangalore, India.   This expansion is more than I can personally afford, so I am asking that you please subscribe as a Friend of the Monthly Salon and help cover its production costs.    If you'd like to know about the costs of the Salon, just ask for a detailed budget.  Costs include website management, artist invitations, promotion, insurance, cleaning and management.   

In 2019 we plan on offering enrichment programs including artist studio visits, museum tours, classes and special events.     Help me make this a self-sustaining activity!

We've teamed with the Eyes and Ears Foundation (a non-profit foundation) to further the objectives of The Monthly Salon.