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 Boris Goldmund's

The Monthly Salon

Hosts & Heroes

The Salon had its humble beginnings in my apartment in San Francisco at Rincon Towers.    Since 1991, it has outgrown my living space and without my asking, generous members of the Salon community have stepped up to host the event, both in San Francisco and Berlin.   As I write this, my heart overflows with gratitude for the kindness and generosity of the individuals listed below in growing our Salon community globally.   

Peter & Gabi Radusch

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Peter & Gabi Radusch are dear friends and the first patrons of the Berlin Salon Series which began in October, 2017.    They have ceaselessly extended their hospitality and know-how to Boris in his frequent visits to the Berlin Salons.   Without them, the Berlin Salon would not be a reality.   

Paul Festa & James Harker


Paul Festa, James Harker, and Ziggy of Kreuzberg, Berlin have hosted the Salon in December, 2017, and April and June, 2018.    Their ceaseless generosity and amazing talent have caused the Berlin Salon to gel and have continuity.    Both are professors at Bard College in Berlin.  Both are talented artists in their own right.

Lean more about the many extraordinary artistic incarnations of Paul in the archives

Thomas Heinser

Thomas Heinser is a German photographic artist who built his own home and studio in downtown San Francisco's South Park neighborhood.  He hosted 

the June, 2018 Salon in the amazing home and studio of his design.     He will be featured in the October 2018 Berlin Salon at Hallesches Haus in Kreuzberg and in the nearby gallery on the canal.  


Pauline Didier

Pauline Didier is a wonderful human being, who, after attending her first salon, offered her own home as a location for the Berlin Salon in June, 2018.   

Pauline is from France and is exceptionally well traveled and a remarkable and charming individual.  


Stéphane Riethauser

Stéphane Riethauser is Geneva born and now lives in Berlin.    He generously shared his beautiful Kreuzberg home for the May 2018 Salon.  Along with his space, he shared an amazing array of Filmmakers from across Europe.    Besides being a filmmaker, Stéphane is also an author and attorney.    Learn more about his work at

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