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Dr. Sheppard Kominars

Poet and author, Dr. Sheppard Benet Kominars will read from his poetry and the upcoming publication of his memoir, Celebration, at the salon on September 14.  His published poetry appears in Angles of Incidence: Poetry of Seven Decades, and Portal Poems: Perspectives on Aging. Drawing on journals over the past seventy years, the long-term San Francisco resident provides inspiration and insight into the complex experience of aging. A poet since grammar school, Kominars also offers workshops on journal writing through “Well-Connected: Seniors Without Walls,” a telephone access program. His book, Write for Life, explores in detail his journal writing program.


Praise for his poetry can be found on his Amazon book website for Portal Poems: Perspectives on Aging. One critic, Robert-Harry Rovin, wrote, Dr. Sheppard Kominars’ poetry “is a hymn to the wonders of aging that sing in concert with biological limitations which visit us all. Unflinchingly, he looks at the process with compassionately objective eyes that inspire the mind and open the heart.”


After reflecting on his poetry in such a politically divisive year he presents readers with an invaluable perspective on the amazing evolution of the human spirit. 


“I offer my readers an insiders’ seat at the table of understanding, whether you are 20 or 120, how to get more out of life than living on the surface. Come, join the feast!” 


You will come away from this his poetry and memoir with delight and a pat on your back for choosing it.


You can order Angles of Incidence: Seven Decades of Poetry and Portal Poems: Perspectives on Aging, and Write for Life on Or:

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