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Stacy Thunes


Stacy Thunes was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Marin County, Northern California. Her first play as an actress was Oliver! when she was 11 and she wrote her first screenplay at the same age. After that, all she dreamed about was acting, writing and living in England. Dreams do come true and since 1982 she has lived, on and off, in Germany and England and has acted in plays, commercials and films, written, translated and edited several screenplays and books and was also the lead singer in an all-girl rock band called The Lewinskys that went on to win the Mecklenburg County Rock Festival in 2001. Currently she is preparing for a recurring role in a new series on the ScyFi channel shooting in Berlin and is writing a book about her experiences living in the former East Germany. She has one daughter and resides in Potsdam.

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